Bringing Sparkling Imaginations to Life

Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) constantly navigates the power differential between adults - who create plays and performance environments - and young audiences. Adults can impose their values within the TYA work they create rather than, for example, encouraging imagination and play. They can also deliberately or inherently set behavioural expectations for children watching live theatre, limiting their ability to naturally engage with it. (Think, the school-gym setting.) 

Enter Most Imaginary Worlds. Created by artists with disabilities in collaboration with children with disabilities, this sparkling new work overcomes power differentials. The play brings to life worlds which are free of barriers as imagined by its young collaborators. The vignettes, images, and characters living and thriving in these imaginary lands speak to the Social Model of Disability, which asserts that ‘disability’ is caused by the way society is organized rather than a person’s impairment or difference. They contain hope, hilarity, battles with equality, and triumphs of the human spirit. Ultimately, the production gives voice to the most vulnerable in our society and creates successful outcomes for its young collaborators.

The performances will also be relaxed, meaning kids can be themselves in the audience.

Most Imaginary Worlds is created and performed by Inside Out Theatre’s resident company, the point of view ensemble, and directed by Col Cseke. It is yet another brilliant example of Inside Out Theatre’s holistic ethos and progressive approach to creating and discussing equality in our society.

Presented by Quest Theatre, performances will take place on May 3 and 4, 2019 at cSPACE King Edward, and are best suited for children, ages 8 and up. Information is available at