Downstage Presents the World Premiere of Smoke

Kudos to Downstage - always at the forefront of social conversations – as they present the world premiere of Smoke written by acclaimed Albertan playwright Elena Eli Belyea and directed by Christine Brubaker. Opening tonight!

Jordan, Aiden's ex, shows up at Aiden's apartment to confront her about the allegation that Jordan sexually assaulted her two years ago. The smoke is thick and the town is burning. What will it take to put it out? This powerful and timely new play will be staged featuring an opposite-sex and same-sex couple on alternate nights.

Smoke is being produced and presented by Calgary-based theatre company Downstage, whose mandate is to create meaningful conversation around contemporary social issues. Downstage Artistic Director Clare Preuss describes this latest work as “…a nuanced piece that is purposefully ambiguous and asks big questions around memory, love, passion and the value of consent.” Actor Chantelle Han, who plays Aiden, eloquently describes her experiences alternating between an opposite-sex and same-sex cast in the National Post’s preview, Timely Play’s Gender Twist Should Provoke Discussion.

A talkback with the artists will be held after each performance, enabling audience members to engage with these complex questions.

Smoke plays Feb 13-23, 2019 at the Big Secret Theatre, Arts Commons. More information is available at: