Ghost River Theatre


Concept / Direction: Eric Rose

Created by: Eric Rose, Jason Patrick Rothery, Louise Casemore, Michael Tan, Laurel Green, Savanna Harvey, and Thomas Geddes

Are you a Believer or a Skeptic? In May 2018, the Ghost River Theatre company met at the West Village Theatre in Calgary, AB to investigate the most mysterious of the senses: intuition. The artistic researchers executed a series of experiments such as meditation, Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) tasks, and psychometry readings to access and evaluate their innermost intuition. The final exercise involved a Ouija board, after which the artistic laboratory was immediately shut down. These findings are now being made public. Audiences are invited to analyze the evidence for themselves.

The Intuition Project premiered at the Beakerhead Festival, Calgary 2018.

120 minutes, no intermission | Touring company: 3 actors and 2 crew | Intimate audience size

Rider available upon request | Inquire about availability

Part of the Six Senses Performance Series

The Intuition Project is part of Ghost River Theatre’s intimate Six Senses Performance Series: a rigorous exploration of what happens to the boundaries of narrative when we focus on stimulating the audience’s senses. Each production from the series challenged the artists in their devised practice to break down their ‘total artwork’ approach to creation into component parts. At the forefront of the work is the question of liveness: how the artists unearth and reveal the world differently for audiences based on the immediacy and interactivity of the performance experience.



Concept / Direction: Eric Rose

Scripter: Jason Patrick Rothery

Deviser / Performers: Louise Casemore, Michael Tan, Jason Patrick Rothery

Created by: Michael Tan, Louise Casemore, Laurel Green, Savanna Harvey, Thomas Geddes, Eric Rose, Jason Patrick Rothery

Documentarian / GRT Intern: Lochlin Maybury

Stage Management: Michael Luong

Technical Director: Cody Stadel

Video Systems Designer: Marc Lavallee