Ghost River Theatre

Available for the 2020/2021 Season


Created by David van Belle and Eric Rose

“It is an achievement worthy of its title.” Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Herald

“This is everything I love about theatre...” Lori Montgomery, The YYScene

“This was a singular production just as André was a singular human.” Jonathan Love, CBC Radio

Theatre lovers, The Princess Bride fans, and wrestling aficionados - gather ringside to explore the life of professional wrestler and beloved celebrity André the Giant and experience the spectacle and raw physicality of a wrestling match. With captivating imagery, animated objects, and creative use of scale, GIANT is a boisterous alternative to the traditional biopic. The show tracks André’s discovery in France, his days at the Montréal Forum, and his rise to stardom in the World Wrestling Federation. It also examines his struggles with gigantism and otherness. A female cast provides indispensable lenses for interrogating the hyper-masculine world of professional wrestling. Shifting the narrational perspective to André’s daughter, GIANT ultimately captures a multiplex view of his extraordinary life. Recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter grant.

Premiered March 2019 at The Festival of Animated Objects, at the Grand Theatre, Calgary . Nominated for 8 Betty Mitchell 2019 Theatre Awards (Calgary).

Recommended for thrust stages, configurable black boxes, arenas

90 minutes, no intermission | Touring company: 5 actors and 5 crew

Rider available upon request | Available 2020-21



Co-Creators / Playwrights: David van Belle and Eric Rose

Director: Eric Rose

Stage Manager: Sara Turner

Puppet / Set Designer:  Robert Leveroos

Sound / Lighting Designer:  Anton deGroot

Costume Designer:  Patrick Du Wors

Technical Director: Mark Eugster

Associate Technical Director: Kathryn Smith

Acting Ensemble: Jamie Tognazzini, Geneviève Paré, Jamie Konchak, Makambe Simamba, Morgan Yamada

Photos by Tim Nguyen / Citrus Photography

Ghost River Theatre acknowledges the support of The Festival of Animated Objects in the creation of this production.

Recipient of a Canada Council for the Arts New Chapter grant: