Written and Performed by Georgina Beaty | Directed by Ellen Close

Production Design by Caitlin r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett

2020. Post-Global Warming. There’s a global pregnancy epidemic, and only Margaret gives birth — to a very unusual baby. She and her baby are quarantined in the North which is now a desert. April, an eager anthropologist, arrives to chronicle their struggle to survive and becomes more entangled than she anticipated. In this unsettling and eerily funny solo piece, Georgina Beaty creates a strange and beautiful dystopia to evoke unsettling truths about where our planet may be headed.

65 minutes, no intermission, plus optional post-show talk back | Touring company: 1 actor and 2 crew

Rider available upon request | Available summer 2020 and beyond


High Performance Rodeo (Calgary); In The Soil Festival (St. Catharine’s); Uno Festival (Victoria)



Georgina Beaty - Playwright/Performer

Ellen Close - Director

Ruby Dawn Eustaquio - Stage Manager 

Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett - Production Design

Jessie Paynter - Lighting Design & Production Manager

Jordan Wieben - Costume Design

Jill Connell - Dramaturgy

Karen Hines - Creation Dramaturgy

Photos by Caitlind r.c. Brown

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